Hand crafted Incandescent Light


Behind Coil Lights

Hello, my name is Daniil. I'm a product designer (B.Des, M.Des) and university lecturer.

I have weakness - the glow of incandescent light bulbs and vacuum tubes.
All this passion started at age of 8, I was lucky to be allowed to partly disassemble and assemble back an old, but working TV. When I opened the back cover and turned it on - in several moments I saw wonderful, warm incandescent glowing coming from vacuum tubes; those beautiful and magical devices sticking out of the dusty metal box... I remember the moment in which I told myself, that one day I will make something like this!
So, this childhood dream is driving me up to this day to continue research and create incandescent light bulbs. I wold like to preserve and spread incandescent light glowing, design and create new bulbs and light fixtures. Every bulb I make I'm mastering my skills, learning new things and running new experiments - all of this is to preserve and enjoy the beauty of incandescent light.

So this is short story about my passion. Thank you,

Daniil Kondratyev aka AndrAKondrA