Hand Crafted Incandescent Light


"Caramel candy" incandescent light bulbs. Fun project in which I have tested colored glass envelopes. Light bulbs are relatively big in size - amber color section diameter is 80mm and the transparent base is 50mm.
  • Year: 2016
  • Project: Incandescent light bulb

Bulb variation in blue glass
Bulb variation in blue glass
Glowing caramel candy lightbulb
Coil light - "Caramel Candy" incandescent light bulb is glowing (still attached to a vacuum post)
Caramel candy lamp finished
"Caramel Candy" Finished one
Glass envelope of the bulb with evacuation tube
Lamp glass envelopes are made of 3 components. Main section is a color tube. Top thin tube is the evacuation tube (vacuum and gas filling). Bottom transparent tube is for connecting the stem
Glass envelopes ready to become bulbs
Glass envelopes
Glass stem blanks
Next step is preparing glass stem blanks. Afrer sealing electrodes stem would be connected to the lower section of the main body.
Glass metal seal and additional wires for filament
Glass metal seal - wires vacuum sealed into the glass. Additional wires are spot welded to hold the filament.
U shape edison carbon lamp like filament connected to stem wires
Tungsten filament is attached to lead in wires. (I wanted the filament of those lamps look like U shaped Edison lamps).
All the parts of the bulb are connected together
The stem and filament were inserted into an envelope, then glass edges are melted and connected. The place of the connection is annealed in a soft flame of Bunsen burner.
Vacuum pumping and outgassing the filaments
Lamps are connected to vacuum pumping station. Now bulbs will pass several procedures - pumping to low vacuum, envelope and filament outgassing, pumping to high vacuum, outgassing, activating filaments, flushing and inert gas filling.

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