This is a tool, that I made to be able run experiments and test various filaments for a custom incandescent light bulbs.
Vacuum chamber is made of two borosilicate glass tubes with a vacuum tight flange connection between them. Two thick tungsten electrodes are providing electricity to the chamber and connected to the tool plate.
  • Year: 2014
  • Project: Test tool

Glass blowing work.
Glassblowing work - preparing the bottom part of the camber. The glowing circle in the middle is uranium transition glass
Thick tungsten electrodes are sealed in uranium glass
Thick tungsten electrodes are sealed in uranium glass
Glass work on the bottom chamber part
Glass shaping
Glowing glass on lathe
Bottom part is ready for opening
Caramel candy glowing
Heating the edge and preparing for the "marriage" with flanged tube
Glass burners are heating glass tube with flange
Flange tube is made of thick glass - more burner power needed!
Filaments vacuum chamber bottom part flame annealing
Bottom part is completed, and flame annealed
Finished bottom part of a glass chamber
Electrodes sealed in glass closeup
Electrodes sealed in glass closeup
Small vacuum bell
Small top glass cover/bell
big vacuum bell
... and big one
Vacuum chamber work plate
Test chamber work plate
Filament glowing test
First fiament test

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