Hand Crafted Incandescent Light


This is the actual lamp making starting point, or the first success. Bulb is worked for only 20 min, but it was a clear sign and motivation to continue work! At that time I had no tools, pumping station, only a little bit of knowledge and strong will to make my dream come true.
  • Year: 2012
  • Project: Simple light bulb

Bubbles in glass metal seal
First glass metal seals were unsuccessful due bubbles inside a seal
Pair of decent glass metal seals
After several attempts I made a decent pair of seals
Basic glass seal attached to a tube
Wires attached to a glass tube
Stem with transition glass ring
Adding uranium transition glass ring and stem
Filament and envelope
I have attached the filament, and made my first glass envelope
basic vacuum pumping with leak detector
Vacuum pumping process - bulb is connected to a helium leak detector.
My first light bulb glowing
My first light bulb glowing

Next Project - "Cornerstone"