This is a second attempt to make a big incandescent light bulb. The bulb is got crack in glass in a last pumping stage and didn't survived, but here you can see making process pictures.
  • Year: 2015
  • Project: Experimental incandescent light bulb

Filament support hooks on glass rod
Those hooks will support the filament in place
filament support
I have made 3 rods with 19 hooks in each one
Central tube, rods with support hooks and filament
Central tube, rods with support hooks and filament
Lamp construction detail
Lamp construction detail
Filament assembly preparation
Filament assembly is prepared for a glass work
Big envelope tube
Big envelope glass tube
One side of the light bulb is sealed
One side is sealed.
Unfortunately this is a last picture - then I have sealed the other side, attached exshaust tube, kiln annealed the bulb and then mounted it on the pumping station. In the beginning of the pumping process the tube has been cracked.

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