Hand Crafted Incandescent Light


Limited edition nixie tube clock. Making process. Made with Dalibor Farny under "Glowguardian" project.
  • Year: 2016
  • Project: Nixie tube timepiece

Sturnus nicie clock
Sturnus nixie clock
Sturnus nixie clock
Sturnus nixie clock
Sturnus nixie clock
Sturnus nixie clock
Sturnus nixie clock sketch
Clock sketches
Clock 3d render
Clock 3d render
steel plates
Steeel plates
Sturnus nixie clock - rough grinding
Plates rough grinding
Plates sandblasting
Plates sandblasting
Sturnus clock plates after cleaning and polishing
Plates after cleaning and polishing. Preserving texture
Sturnus clock first assembly
Clock first assembly
Sturnus clock grinding sides to achieve flat surface
Grinding sides to achieve flat surface
Sturnus clock surface work
and more grinding
Sturnus clock - hand filing in process
Hand filing in process
Sturnus nixie clock - hand filing finish
Hand filing this surface is finished
Sturnus clock - plates after blackening
Plates after blackening
Sturnus clock final pre assembly
Clock pre assembly
Pre assembly, four layers applied
Four layers of laquer applied
Sturnus nixie clock pre assembly
Pre assembly almost finished
Sturnus nixie timepiece glass plate
Glass plate
Cornerstone glass plate
Glass plate tubes are installed
Sturnus clock is finished
Sturnus clock is finished

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