Hand Crafted Incandescent Light


Caramel candy bulb version 2.0 or Electricity to mood converter.
What's new:
Filament holding structure was redesigned. To make a middle part of the bulb special glass blow mold was produced. Big change is the lamp got a glass base, so from now it's a custom made table bulb/lamp. You can place it anywhere and lamp will create warm and relaxing light area.
  • Year: 2018
  • Project: Light bulbs

Caramel Candy light bulb
This is the result - a hand blown light bulb, amber color top and glass base
light bulb sketches
Those are the first rough sketches, working on form and construction of the bulb
Final sketch of the filament light bulb
A final sketch, the lamp will have a base, short neck and tall envelope. Next step is to make this lamp, so let's see the process...
Height variations of the glass molded part
Everything starts from experimenting with various heights of mold blown middle part.
4 glass examples from the right are molded versions.
Electrodes made of glass to metal seal, holder and nickel wire
Electrodes - glass to metal seal, welded wire holder and shiny pure nickel wire spring
Electrodes connected to a glass part
Molded middle bulb part and electrodes are connected together
Finished glass parts
Finished middle sections of the lamp.
Filament holders
Filament holders
Filament holders are attached
Filament holders are attached to glass metal seal
Filament holders
A little bit more of a wire parts
lamp inner structure
Lamp inner structure, those three wires sticking out on the top will hold the filament
Finished filament section
Filament section is finished
Middle part is married top glass envelope
Envelope and middle part are "married"
Clear glass light bulb
Almost finished - clear bulb before pumping and gas filling
Amber glass envelope
Amber glass envelope bulb
Pumping Caramel Candy light bulb
Caramel Candy bulb on pumping station

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