Hand Crafted Incandescent Light


Finally I can call this light bulb batch a version 1.0. The recearch of this lamp configuration is completed, all problems are solved, tooling is made and all production processes are corrected.
  • Year: 2020
  • Project: Ambient lamps/ light bulbs

White amber Caramel Candy light bulu lamp by Coillights
Transparent (vertical strips) glass with orange/amber bottom ring light bulb
Caramel candy light bulb green environment. by Coillight
Green glass lamp in green environment
Orange glass Caramel Candy light fuxture by Coillights
Amber stripped glass lamp on shelf
Green glass table lamp by Coillights
look at this light pattern on the table
Amber orange glass shelf Caramel candy light bulb lamp. by Coillights
Orange warm corner
Pendant green glass pendant incandescent light bulb. by Coillights
Prototype pendant lamp
White amber Caramel Candy light bulb by Coillights
Table, plant, lamp, light and atmosphere

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