Hand Crafted Incandescent Light


Small Light Fixture Making Process - Part 1
  • Year: 2014
  • Made for: Ivan Tantsiura

First sketch for the project
First sketch of the project
The start point and the result
The start point and the result

Piece of wood
Choosing the right piece of wood for the project
Milling of the woodeen pieces
Milling of the woodeen pieces
Wood metal milling
Milling of the aluminium and the wood together to get even surface
Wood and aluminium milling
First result of milling together wood and aluminium
Brass holders
Side brass holders
Brass holders polished and drilled
Holders are drilled and roughly polished
wood surface leveling
Prepairing of the wood surface
brass parts hole
Hole for brass parts
fitting hole and brass part
Fitting parts together
glass holder
Glass holder part machined
glass holder part
Glass holder result
Contact groove
Making grooves for contacts
post and bolt
Machining brass bolts and posts
posts and bolts
Bolts and posts completed
holes in glassholder
Additional work on the glassholder part
aluminium holes
Holes in the aluminium for glassholder part
aluminium holes
Bottom hole for wire
Legs prototype
Leg prototype
Making the legs from steel bar

Part Two