Hand Crafted Incandescent Ligh


Creation Process Part 2
  • Year: 2014
  • Made for: Ivan Tantsiura

groove for leg
Milling leg grooves
grooves in wood for legs
Wooden parts grooves - completed
first assembly of lamp
First assembly of the lamp parts
wire and post
Wire post
wires and post assembly
Wires and brass post assembly
wires and post assembly
Wires and brass post assembly pic.2
Parts for assembly
Parts prepared for assembly
small light bulb installation
Installation of 3mm incandescent light bulb
electrical assembly
Electrical assembly
Copper parts
Copper parts for the upper section
copper rings - attempts
Sometimes to get right shape I need to make many attempts
copper parts soldered
Copper parts soldered together
thinking on paper
Thinking on paper
bending in process
Bending in process
bending completed
Bending - Done
copper wire assembly
Copper wires assembly
cleaning the parts
Cleaning the parts
Clean and shiny
Clean and shiny
Laquer and paint
Laquer and paint
Project 01c
Final assembly and installing lightbulbs

Ivan's coil light done
Ivan's Coil Light - Done!

Next Project - "Making - Fat Tall Shiny"